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are web design, illustration, digital art and photography projects, created by award winning designer and
graphic artist
Anna Maria Lopez Lopez.
Born in Barcelona and currently based in the Northwest of Spain (Lugo, Galicia).
This website shows a selection of her illustrations, graphic projects, website designs and stock photos.

anna maria lopez lopez
Barcelona - 1974
Lugo - 2014 ...

In 1997 Anna Maria Lopez created the website , site awarded as "Best Personal Homepage" at Mundo Internet International Congress 98 - AUI and winner of the Honourable Mention at the International Web Design Contest " HomePage Heroes 97" organized by tv show The Site at NBC TV. has been feautred on magazines PCWORLD, WEB, NET, RED, Arroba, Computer Today, El Mundo, El pais, and TV networks TVE,Discovery Channel,Univision, TVG, Localia TV...etc.

In 1999 two websites created by annaOMline ( and where selected by DDI to represent best of Spanish Web Design of the last 100 years, for the
international travelling exhibition "Signs of the century 100 years of graphic desing in Spain". The first exhibition took place at The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía de Madrid on year 2000 .

Other annaOMline web projects that received a great success, are project ClickSolidario, a website to make donations to charities with just making click! and the largest on-line community about design with Corel software with a media of 8000 unique visitors by day.

The book Web Desing Index , edited by Günter Beer, referenced 9 web designs created by annaOMline at Web Design Index 2 , 3 , 4 and 5.

Her professional trajectory of these last 15 years was selected to dedicate her a whole chapter of the book " Web design Gallery 2002 - Experts from the world", book published by Editorial Inforbooks in English and Spanish.

The book Los Logos 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 from Die Gestalten editorial featured 10 logos created by annaOMline on its international annual selections.

annaOMline stock photos have been downloaded more than 100000 times at Stock-Xchng and have been published on hundred of magazines, books, brochures,poster, websites, etc.

Anna Maria Lopez is an experienced teacher of design aided by computer in different design schools,institutions and Universities.

She wrote some articles and tutorials for Arte y Diseno Magazine ( Spanish Edition of Computer Arts Magazine )

She is also the author of 10 books about digital design and trends.

For updated information about her last published books please visit:

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Illustration and graphic art

/////// Title : Poster WHAT I LOVE // Illustration published on Belio Magazine nº 013 y and poster finalist at
Computerlove International Poster Design Contest ///////
/////// Logotype for Esquire Magazine Anniversary - Spanish edition . Published on Esquire printed magazine #33 ///////

/////// Title : The Call of the wild Poster // Poster The call of the wild , digital / collage ///////

Curso Diseño Grafico - Fundamentos y Tecnicas
/////// Título : BOOK COVER for the printed book about professional graphic design Curso DISENO GRAFICO - Fundamentos y Tecnicas
published by Spanish editorial ANAYA Multimedia ///////
Graficos exposicion TU CEREBRO - The Franklin Institute Museum
/////// Title : YOUR BRAIN // Scenic graphics for interactive mural panes at YOUR BRAIN permanent exhibition
at The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, USA ///////
///////Title : Visit to doctor // Illustration published on Belio Magazine nº 009 ///////
///////Title : Todo me va sobre ruedas / Ilustration published on Belio Magazine nº 012 / ///////

/////// Title : READvolution // Ilustration published on the book Cuaderno de Lecturas by Editorial Primerapersona ///////

/////// Title: The WEB Allegory - A graphic representation of the World Wide Web as a WWWoman //////
/////// Title: Fauno Illustration published on Belio Magazine #017 //////
The city lover illustration
/////// Title : Miss city - The city lover // Poster illustration / collage digital ///////

Colaboración Proyecto ENTRE-CRUZAR

/////// Title: GLOBALIZATION- Graphic contribution on ENTRE-CRUZAR project ///////
/////// Title : COOL // Cool poster / digital collage ///////
Lugo city by annaOMline
///////Title : The lion who claimed for justice - An artwork from a 5 artworks serie inspired on Lugo city.
Created for exhibition
PIXELIA 1.0 at Museo Provincial de Lugo ///////
Imagren grafica libro Coolhunting digital
/////// Title : Cover for the book titled Coolhunting digital, a la caza de las ultimas tendencias published by editorial ANAYA Multimedia - Writen by Anna-Maria Lopez Lopez ///////
Libro FIGURINES de MODA, Tecnicas y Estilos
/////// Graphic identity and promotional graphics for the contest Concurso Internacional de Ilustracion de Moda y Figurines and
the launch of the book FIGURINES de MODA, Tecnicas y Estilos published in Spanish by Editorial ANAYA Multimedia ///////
Ilustraciones libro CorelDRAW X3
/////// Intro-chapter illustrations from book CorelDRAW X3 pubished by editorial ANAYA Multimedia ///////
Ilustraciones libro Técnicas de diseño de moda por ordenador
/////// Illustrations for the book about fashion design by computer titled Tecnicas de diseño de moda por ordenador published by editorial
ANAYA Multimedia and written by Anna Maria Lopez Lopez /////// ///////
Tutorial publicado en la revista Arte y Diseño nº 81
/////// Illustrations from step by step tutorial published on magazine ARTE y DISEÑO Nº 81 ( Spanish edition of Computer Arts Magazine )
Mural PsicoPOP by annaOMline
/////// Mural PSICO-POP ///////
Portada del libro Angel´s Psalms
/////// Cover for the book titled Angel´s Psalms / Mostafa Majidi ( Iran )////////
Ilustración para la portada de la revista NewScientist
/////// Title : Music cover // Editorial illustration for the cover of the Magazine NewScientist issue #2644 ////////
Covers by annaOMline
/////// Covers created for on-line design communities ///////
Web design

Fashion and accesories

Cartera de cuero diseñada por annaOMline
///////Leather wallet created for Unchaste fashion firm , on sell at
Harvey Nichols International Luxury Store London ( Now out of Stock sorry! )
Your personal Jesus
/////// Personal Jesus T-shirt , avaliable at Redbubble on-line store ///////
Neo barroco - Smart pirate y The Musician
/////// T-shirts from Neo baroque style line titled "Smart pirate" & "The Musician" Buy them at Redbubble ///////
Cinturones diseñados por anna-OM-line y producidos por Unchaste London
///////Belt designs produced and distributed by Unchaste London firm - ///////
SO NATURAL design by annaOMline
/////// I am SO NATURAL , YEAH! T-shirt design avaliable at Redbubble on-line store ///////
SO NATURAL design by annaOMline
/////// I am a classical guy - Messenger bag design for Unchaste London -///////
SO NATURAL design by annaOMline
/////// Follow your star, - T-shirt design avaliable at Redbubble on-line store ///////
SO NATURAL design by annaOMline
/////// Om mani Padme Hum - Mantra t-shirt - T-shirt design avaliable at Redbubble shop///////
/// CARPE DIEM - Logo design selected and featured in book LOS LOGOS 7 by German publisher Gestalten ///
/ Also available as T-shirt design at Redbubble/

Stock photography

/// Next you can find some samples of stock photos by annaOMline ///
You can see her whole photo collections and read the conditions for using her images on your graphic projects by browsing

Photos by annaOMline

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